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We study information technologies such as robotics and AI. Our vision is to unlock, actualize, and empower human abilities with the help of these technologies. Our solutions do not replace humans but help humans to feel, think, and act. This is because we believe humans the best can solve issues arising in the era of an aging society.

Our works on child-robot interaction and educational robotics have been recognized globally in major international conferences and journals. However, our recent targets expand also to other fields including active senior people, humanitarian machine learning, moral, etc.

As an educational institution, we provide students with an active and international environment offering rich opportunities interacting with industries and other academic institutions worldwide.


Social Robotics, Social ICT, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), HCI/HAI, AI, Development and Learning, Social Psychology, Telepresence, Education Support, Children, Active Seniors, Humanitarian Machine Learning, Moral, and Robot Ethics.



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