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[Vision for Research]
We aim to develop technologies providing a sense of security, relief for human society. By utilizing leading-edge Social Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and other related research concepts/methods, we produce these Relieving Technologies to support aging societies.

[Vision for Education]
Produce active individuals who will become key persons in aging societies. To this end, we provide students with a wide range of research experiences including field studies outside the laboratory, international collaboration, and industrial cooperation.


Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, AI, Machine Learning, Soft Robotics, HCI, Child Education, Elderly Support, Pain Relief, and Relieving Technologies.



A new paper published at a top international conference, ACM CHI 2020. It is about a new social robot, OMOY, that makes use of its "weight-shift" to express emotions and intentions. (YouTube video)


A new paper published at ACM Transactions on HRI. It reports a study concerning a social robot, TherMoody, that can change its body temperature from 10 to 55 degrees Celsius. (YouTube video)


A new paper published at ACM Transactions on HRI. It reports a design guideline for a social mediator robot that encourages older people self-disclose and prevents them from being socially isolated.


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