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For Prospective Students, Staff, and Internships

For undergraduate students from the University of Tsukuba, every year there is a guidance for laboratory assignment on December, so please attend the guidance. We usually have open house opportunities after the guidance; however, for people who have particular interests, we accept your visit at any time on request. Please make the request or any question to Prof. Tanaka by e-mail.

For Ph.D/MSc students, we accept students from both inside and outside of the University of Tsukuba. There is also an opportunity for Empowerment Informatics program. If you have any question, please ask Prof. Tanaka by e-mail.

Our laboratory is open to international students, staff, and internships. Every year we accept students supported by Mombukagakusho or other scholarships. We also accept requests for internship opportunities depending on the subject. Please ask further details to Prof. Tanaka by e-mail.

(Updated on April 25, 2016)